Friday, August 17, 2012

1959 VW Ad - Gerhard Baecker teaches Volkswagen

Gerhard Baecker teaches Volkswagen
(Or why Volkswagen service is as good as the car)

Gerhard Baecker, schooled in Wolfsburg, Germany, now teaches Volkswagen in the United States. Like most teachers, Gerhard be-lieves in what he teaches. He shares whole-heartedly the Volkswagen philosophy: the car is only as good as the service it gets.

As a result, you'll find Volkswagens are serv-

iced only by graduate mechanics trained to demanding Volkswagen standards.

Volkswagen service is fast. Your Volkswagen engine can be removed and replaced in 90 minutes. A fuel pump installed in 20.

Every authorized Volkswagen dealer has a complete inventory of VW parts on hand.

There's no wait, no substitution.

Volkswagen parts are inexpensive. A new front fender is $21.75,* a cylinder head $19.95.*

If you've been thinking about buying the Volkswagen, isn't it nice to know the service is as good as the car?

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  1. The man in the ad is not a German but rather a commercial artist named Bill Taubin.


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