Thursday, August 2, 2012

1956 VW Ad - Why the engine in the back?

Why the engine in the back?

In conventional cars, a front engine turns the rear wheels through a long drive shaft.

But Volkswagen's rear engine gives direct power to the wheels, saving weight and power. It is the most efficient and eco-nomical design. It means greater visibility when driving - you see over VW's snub nose. And the rear engine gives your rear wheels better traction.  In mud, sand, ice,

snow, where other cars skid, you go.

Its location, however, is the least un-usual feature of a Volkswagen engine. For one thing, it is air-cooled, an astonish-ing advantage when you think about it. No water to boil over in the summer, or to freeze in winter. No anti-freeze needed. No radi-ator problems.

The engine is ingeniously cast of alu-minum and magnesium alloys and is very

light and powerful; undoubtedly the toughest 198 lbs. going.

It is beautifully machined for minimum friction; you will probably never need oil between changes. And so efficient that top and cruising speeds are the same.

Your VW runs at 70 mph all day without strain. You get an honest 32 miles to the gallon (regular gas-regular driving).

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